Saturday, April 30, 2016

Go Green With This Cork Wallet With RFID Technology

Little things we do now will have effects in the future, things like changing your leather or plastic wallet to a Eco friendly cork wallet. This wallet would make a nice gift for an environmentally friendly person or a minimalist because of the size and space. This wallet also features RFID technology which protects your cards and information from thief's using new tech that steals your card and info on the card. If you want to go green but don't know where to start I would suggest you take this small step, help reduce our reliance on plastic and non renewable substances.

Boshiho® Eco-friendly Cork RFID Blocking Wallet Slimfold Security Credit Card Holder Wallet Prevent Electronic Pick Pocketing

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Eco Friendly Re-purposed Plant Based Cups

We all have birthdays, parties and celebrate just about anything now. With that being said we usually end up buying cups plates and napkins for these events.This will add up over the years and multiply that with the billions of people in this world and you can see we have a major problem. Plastic is constantly piling up because it will not break down leaving an obvious impact on our earth. These cups are made from plants and will bio degrade in months which will help you cut down on your overall use of plastic. Switching to these for your parties will make you enjoy them that much more knowing your having a great time and doing your part for the environment. I would suggest you try switching to all plant based products in the future.

Repurpose 100% Compostable Plant-Based Clear Cold Cup, 12-ounce (50 Count)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Eco Friendly Exfoliating Gloves Set

This exfoliating set is a great buy for someone looking to keep their skin young and fresh while at the same time looking out for the planet. Made with Eco friendly bamboo fibers, theses exfoliating gloves even come with a guide to make you look and feel great.

The World's Best Exfoliating Gloves Set! Natural Eco Friendly Body Scrub Exfoliator Pack: Bamboo Fiber and Loofah, Jute and Sisal Mitts with Printed Guide and Free Finger Exfoliator Thermalabs Patent

Eco Friendly Boar Bristle Bamboo Brush

With bamboo being one of the more environmentally friendly plants in the world, due to its rapid re-growth cycle and higher harvest yields. Its no wonder why we should be using more and more products that replace plastic with bamboo. Even if its a small amount like this brush, it will help reduce the overall use of plastics and non Eco-friendly substances.

 Boar Bristle Hair Brush - Bamboo Brush for Shiny, Healthy Hair and Preventing Breakage, Damage Split Ends, Frizzy, Unmanageable Locks - Added Pins to Detangle & Scalp Stimulation. Eco-Friendly Paddle

Eco Friendly 6-Piece Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set

If your in the market for a new set of cooking utensils, and your looking to go green I would suggest taking a look at this set. Bamboo is know for being very durable and flexible making these utensils ideal for any type of cooking, hot or cold temps as well. Another positive is that these will not scratch your pans like metal utensils. With Bamboo being a renewable resource because of its ability to grow at fast rate, this helps cut down on your use of plastic and metals which are not so easily made and impact the environment negatively.

Home-Restaurant 6-Piece Bamboo Cooking Utensil-Set - Durable, Easy Clean, Made of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood by Utopia Kitchen

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush - Reduce The Use Of Plastics

This eco friendly product is great because it bio-degradable and last just as long as regular plastic toothbrushes. The bristles are BPA free and even the box is made from recycled paper. Anytime you can eliminated any type of plastic use its a step in the right direction. If your looking for a way to start going green, start with your toothbrush.

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush - Eco Friendly - BPA Free Bristles - 4 Pack - WowE Products