Thursday, May 12, 2016

Save Water And Go Green With These Eco Friendly Products

If your like me and live in California you know saving water is very important because of the current drought. If you live other places without water shortages then you are very lucky, but I would still urge you to think about trying to conserve as much as you can for the sake of the planet. There are many ways you can save water but a lot of those can be an inconvenience to you, I want to give you alternative ways that don't necessarily interfere with with your comfort. A lot of the products we use have new versions that are way more efficient or have additions that make what we already own more Eco-friendly. Using a Eco friendly shower head is one way you can save water, these shower heads lower the water pressure which in turns mean using less water than you usually would. Another way would be using a toilet tank bank, these go into your toilet tank and cause it fill up faster with less water. Its kinda like when you get into a bath tub that is half full, the water rises without adding anymore. Simply having a nozzle on your water hose can go a long way toward saving some water, without one the water simply runs until you shut it off wasting tons of water.

Going green is not always easy but with these items it can make the transition way more simple and fulfilling.

The Original Water Saver Made in the USA - Jet Stream

Niagara Conservation Water Saving Toilet Tank Bank

Waterpik VBE-459 EcoFlow Hand Held Showerhead

  LEAK PROOF GARDEN HOSE NOZZLE - Heavy Duty, ALL Metal Water Sprayer for Power Watering - Versatile 7 Pattern Spraying For Cleaning, Car Washes, Misting and More! NO PLASTIC Plus Satisfaction Guarantee

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